How To Stay Happy By Priya Kumar:

Is your happy go lucky nature fading due to the current crisis? Is this pandemic killing all your positivity? Well, are you looking out for answers on how does one remain happy in challenging times?

Worry no more, here’s my podcast on how to stay happy when your future and present both are in doubt and grave uncertainty. Set yourself up for happiness. Check out the podcast to know my formula that will guarantee you happiness.

Boost Your Immune System| Surviving The Pandemic By Priya Kumar:

CORRECT knowledge is your best friend to take you through tough times.
We are all under a lockdown, and there are many ways to look at your life and your situation right now. But let’s look at the way that will be positive, productive and purposeful. Because to stay calm, to stay smart and to stay positive is critical especially in times of crisis.

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5 Tips For Success By Priya Kumar:

Success means different things to different people. But some principles of success are ETERNAL. Here’s are 5 of my personal tips that have always worked for me, bringing glory, love, and happiness into my journey towards achievements. 


Work from Home Productivity & Professionalism Podcast By Priya Kumar

Work from Home has been enforced on us, but guess what? it’s going to become the way of the future. This podcast will give you an insight into how to work from home and stay productive and professional at the same time. The lockdown podcast series will help you put your attention on things that are important.


Lockdown—Life Hacks Podcast By Priya Kumar

Lockdown is for real. Fear, Insecurity & Uncertainty are the keywords. If you let this continue, it will become your personality & attitude. 21 days forms a habit, if you are going to train yourself to be negative for 21 days, then when the lockdown does end, you will not come to freedom as a free person, you will further down be a negative person.



Lockdown – An Opportunity For Greatness – Podcast In Hindi

Lockdown is for real.
Fear, Insecurity & Uncertainty are the keywords.
If you let this continue, it will become your personality & attitude



Turn The Tables: From Challenges to Opportunities

Turn The Tables is a journey from Challenges to Opportunities. To prepare for life is to prepare for challenges. Expect the unexpected. Work out

everything that could go wrong and then work out everything that could go wrong with that, and prepare for it. Don’t let temporary defeats bring doubt

in your conviction and commitment toward your purpose and your dreams.


A Note From The Author:


Snack-able taste of success:

The canvas decides the size of your painting. Some people have a small canvas and cannot hold or visualize the magnitude of your vision. You can align people to your big vision by breaking the picture down to fill and suit the size of their canvas.



Don’t stop the flow:

In the business of give and take, make giving your constant business. If you give enough of what you create, goodness, hope and encouragement included, the flow of getting will never stop in your life.

Good times forever:

Nothing lasts forever. The good times, like the bad times will come to a temporary pause. But to keep your good work going, to keep your purpose strong despite circumstances will guarantee your continued success.


Don’t chase recognition:

Be focussed on delivering your purpose, the praise will follow eventually. If recognition, praise and fame are your sole agenda, you will live a very miserable life. Commit to excellence, and let the beneficiaries of your work be the voice of your purpose.

Anger has a limit:

While anger is a justified emotion, don’t cross the line of grace and decency. When anger reaches the borderline, let grace be your guiding force, let your purpose be your saving grace.


Believe in those who believe in you:

Sometimes it takes just one person who has faith in your abilities, to propel your confidence toward your performance. When you meet someone who can see more in you and believes in you, interrogate them, pick their brains and make enough notes to internalize their belief in you.


The Super Power Zone:

The space where you are at your creative best. Everyone has the zone. You have to find yours. Once there, you are yourself, nothing can touch your purpose and you are at your best.


The Callus that didn’t hurt:

You passion is evident in your daily living & choices. When you move away from your purpose and your passion, you suffer. The more spent you are on what drives you, the more energy you will have to drive the suffering out of what you have committed to do as your current job.

The One-millimeter change:

Make change a process of progress. One decision, one idea, one attempt at change will bring a domino effect in not just your life, but also the lives of everyone connected with it. Not everyone will commit to your idea. They may not be in the same place of urgency as you are, but you can win their support and participation. 

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