Qualities of a Motivational Speaker


Motivational Speaking as a career is a great option. It keeps you immersed and engaged in positivity and growth where you become the greatest beneficiary of your work, while helping others. I believe that the job of a motivational speaker is a noble one, one that brings you good karma, blessings and love.

To become a motivational speaker, you must have the following:

1. Love for people: You need to genuinely want to make people’s lives better. So if you are the kind who likes to help people, if you don’t judge them harshly for their mistakes, and if you love to make friends, then you will be a natural on stage.

2. Love for communication: You need to be someone who loves to talk—sense. I am not speaking about the compulsive talkers who just don’t know when to shut up, I am talking about people who will speak at the right time, the right amount and make the right impact. You need to be good with your words, articulation and flow of thoughts.

3. Love for knowledge: A Motivational Speaker is a self-contained library and university of knowledge. They are readers, always eager to learn, and you can say, students for life. Because they invest so much time in study and learning, they have a bank of ideas, viewpoints, techniques and opinions that can help a large spectrum of people.

4. Love for personal growth: A Motivational Speaker is one who acts out of personal successes. They are so inspired and so motivated by their own actions and outcomes that they cannot wait to go out and share it with the world. When your content springs from personal experience, you will make for the world’s best motivational speaker. Investing and love for personal growth, self-improvement and taking yourself to success, is a mark of a good leader and a speaker. 

There are many more traits that come together to make you a natural leader, and I will continue to list down more. But talking upon the job of inspiring people to be their best selves, is inspirational in itself, where you are lead by your personality and passion to influence others to lead a better life, because you believe they can, and you will do everything in your ability to lead them there.


Rooting for your success,
Priya Kumar
Motivational Speaker | Author | Dreamer