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Love is at its glorious best when detachment is your guiding force. 

Where there is love, goodness and greatness follow in abundance. 

A person who has not loved has not lived. 

If you really love someone, set them free from your clutches of expectations and need for reciprocation.

My Little Book Of Love is a collection of my original quotes. It is my reminder of love. It is my space for revision and refills so I can stay true to who I am and how I feel. In this little book of love, a collection of my original quotes, I have put down the feelings and expressions of love, and of warnings about what it is not.

I may already know it, but then a timely reminder may just save a heartbreak. And in reading it all together, I get a different perspective every single time. It is my written statement of what I know, of what I have felt, and of the greatness that I need to continue to maintain in myself. I invite you on this journey, sprinkled all the way with love.

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