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A Journey To Infinite Possibilities tells the tale of Niki Sanders, who being dissatisfied with life itself, journeys to a planet named Zedius, which is considered to be the Perfect World. Summary Of The Book The Perfect World: A Journey To Infinite Possibilities is a book that begins with introducing the readers to Niki Sanders, and her life of complete dissatisfaction. Niki’s job does not satisfy her in any way, and even her relationships in life seem to be going nowhere. As a result, she secludes herself from the outside world. However, she soon decides to break free of all these inhibitions, and goes into the forest, where she meets two souls who belong to a Perfect World known as Zedius, which is on the other side of the universe. These evolved souls take Niki to Zedius, and help her to discover her real self. This event marks the beginning of her journey to self-discovery.

Niki is tested at several points in the story, as the inhabitants of the Perfect World try to discover whether she is an intruder or not. This includes passing through various check-posts, and magnetic fields along the way. While on this journey, she comes face to face with varied emotions, which include redemption, power, friendship, and purpose.

This sci-fiction promises to provide its readers with a journey that brings about spiritual awareness along with providing them with spiritual wisdom. The three hundred pages of this book are filled with action, and adventure that promise to keep the readers gripped all through the story. The Perfect World: A Journey To Infinite Possibilities is a self-help book, packed with magic realism, and serves as a good read.

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